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Utility For Customizing Office 365 And SharePoint Sites
Executive Summary

Softree Technology got a request to develop a platform/utility which will apply branding to SharePoint site collections. The requirement is run this utility from remote environment which can apply theme or branding to SharePoint/Office 365 environment.

This product will be used to help targeting Site Owners to brand their SharePoint Sites using a simple to use interface without programming or design skills.

Business Requirement:
  • First User will authenticate to the SharePoint/Office 365 sites by using SP credentials details. You can add multiple sites as per their requirement, each site details will be added to a separate box/Group box.
  • After successful authentication, User can select the appropriate themes, font family, icon sets from theme gallery presents in this tool and can save their custom choices or settings they want to apply to their SP environment.
  • Before applying styles/branding user also have a option to choose “Automatically Turn On Publishing Feature”, which will turn on publishing feature on the selected sites to be branded as we need Publishing feature on before applying any style to SP environment.
  • After successful branding, User also can remove applied styles from their SP environment by using our tool.

After discussing with Client, Softree Technology has proposed to develop this utility by using SharePoint client object model and also by using WPF.

SP Client object model does not have any SP server dependency where as WPF can provide rich look and feel to the utility. This utility is taking care injecting styles and scripts to master pages and uploading respective themes to SharePoint site theme gallery.

Softree Technology successfully implemented and launched this utility. Our client have added many customised themes for all major versions of SharePoint and for Office 365.

Currently, this project is in maintenance aspects with Softree Technology.

About the Client:
Client: SharePoint Solution Provider
Location: USA
Industry: IT
Technologies Used: SharePoint, Office 365, Client Object Model