How to Set Permanent Redirect in SharePoint Online for a Clean User Experience?

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how-to-set-permanent-redirect In case you ever feel the requirement of setting stable redirects in SharePoint Online, you can consider different ways to do that. However, for a clean user experience we have one solution that you might like.

Whether you have a marketing site collection or a home site collection, redirects may look incredibly simple, but in some cases it is not. Such as: if you want to make sure when users steer to the marketing site collection from the home site collection. It would be easy to do so, if both the sites were in same collection. If they are not in the same collection, you certainly have to find a different approach.

Same as any other publishing features, SharePoint facilitate redirect page as one important feature to use. However, this method is slow and can take far too long as it has 5 second delay to it. Another way to do this is go to the Content Editor Web Part and use the JavaScript to set the window location to a new URL. This process makes the accessing of a webpage fast, but you will still experience disagreeable loading time for some aspects of the website.


Well… let’s have a look at a way that makes SharePoint permanent redirect a piece of cake to save you from all the hassles:

Look for the SharePoint Designer – Load it up – Create a new aspx page in the folder of Site pages – Choose to edit in advance mode.

   Under the <head runat=”server”> tag add as follows

  • <meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” content=”0;url=DestinationUrl” />
  • Put the URL you want to redirect to in the place of “Destination URL”
  • If a pop-up shows ‘0’, that evidently indicates that there will be no delay while loading the URL that is supposed to redirect to.

Note that you have to set this page as the home page for the site in Designer, since you can’t actually open it through the UI without being immediately redirected.

redirectNB: You ought to replace the previous home page with the redirected page, which will lead to clean experience for the users. They will be quickly redirected to the intended page before any other elements load.

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