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One of the major concerns of several organizations out there is the security and integrity of their documents and files that they have stored in SharePoint. There is no doubt that Microsoft has already considered that fact and has provided features for file encryption. But, errors are what make us what we are as human, so additional care is definitely needed to be taken by SharePoint administrators to prevent accidental loss of their data.

Whether you wanted to build a policy library for your organization to use or a secure library for your organization’s executives or a confidential virtual vault for your HR department, there are some further steps you need to follow as a site administrator to make the contents in the libraries more secure than ever. Following are the steps that you need to follow to make your libraries a secure data vault.   Go on with the list

Method- 1

The primary step to a protected library is a secure site. Here is the comprehensive guide on “how to secure a SharePoint Site”. Our Offshore SharePoint developers suggest that you should go with the link to create a secure site where the secure library will reside on.

Method- 2

The 2nd method is to keep your SharePoint library secure is to give access to only those who actually need it. Don’t make your SharePoint library a flea market and do watch out for those domains with everyone except external users “and “Everyone”. People use those things many times to add several users at once, thereby giving access to those who don’t need it. Additionally, if you SharePoint active directory groups, do ensure you are providing access to only those who actually require it

Method – 3  

We have many blogs on content sharing. However, we think the worth repeating the facts ones again because this is really important for a SharePoint administrator. People with contributed privileges of the SharePoint can easily share the whole site if you don’t go for “Disable Share” option. Turning on this option will let people share contents, files and folders with you knowing about this.

Method– 4

If you have some confidential documents laying in your pc that you don’t want to share with anyone then you have to disable offline synchronizing of the documents library in the computers of user or anyone who has access to your online library. This is how you can make sure that your much concerned data is not in wrong hands. This is also helpful if your pc or laptop get stolen.

Method – 5

Ever seen that option in Google doc  that allows user to view or edit data, same option available in SharePoint library, where you can set the view and edit option only, this way user cannot delete data, though they see and edit them. The easiest method to do this is to set a custom Permission level.

Method – 6

In case you love to be a know it all and want to know what is going on with the documents laying in your library then take the privilege to set alert in your much concerned document library. You will be notified instantly if someone is trying to mess with your library or trying to delete things permanently. Depending upon the scenario, you will revert back the changes easily.

Hope this post helps securing your document library…

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