Migrate Files and Documents to SharePoint- Becomes Easy!

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How to migrate documents to SharePoint without any hassle? We are pretty sure that every SharePoint admin has thought of this at one point or another whining thinking of moving their organization to cloud. Our offshore SharePoint developers have inscribed a blog that would explain 4 exceptional ways to move your document and files to SharePoint. In this blog, you will also learn pros and cons of each method explained below.

Method – 1

Moving multiple files is the undoubtedly the most complicated task, yes? No its not, you just need use the drag and drop feature available in SharePoint 2013. All you need to do is grab a bunch of files from your computer and drop it in your desired library.

How to?


  • Uncomplicated
  • No need to seek help of any migration tools


  • Only up to 100 files can be dragged at one time.
  • Folders can’t be dragged and dropped

Method – 2

The second method is to use “Open with explorer” option, which allows get in to your document library in Windows Explorer and it same as you work with your files and folders in your local PC.  A separate window will pop up when you will click the button of “Open with Explorer” and it will display each and every file in your document library. As we said before, same like your PC, you can browse through these files and folders. And guess what… you can also use that window to move your files and folders into SharePoint.

How to?


1- Click on Library Tab, Once at the root of the document library

2- Click the button of “Open with Explorer

3- A Windows explorer window will open up after Wait 5-10 seconds and will display  you folders in your document library.


  • Move files and folders with ease
  • Move larger sets of documents like a pro
  • Familiar interface, hassle free use


  • Internet Explorer is the only browser with which Open with Explorer option is available. In case you try to access it from some other browsers , such as: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you won’t get any results.
  • This process is not suggested if you wanted to migrate a huge set of files or documents. You can move in same, but the window will grayed.

Method 3

You can also use One Drive for Business sync to move files into SharePoint. This is the same option that allows your compute to sync with your OneDrive or SharePoint document libraries, though you will use that feature to move files to SharePoint.

How to?

  • Here is a detailed blog on how to migrate using One Drive for Business sync
  • Once you done setting up move your files and folders into synchronized SharePoint Document Library and leave it for sync.


  • Friendly Interface, easy to use
  • Migrate both files and folders easily


  • If your combined folders and files exceed 5000 the moving won’t work as with this process you can’t sync more than 5000 files.
  • As One Drive for business only works with windows, you won’t be having any luck if you are a MAC owner.

Method 4

These aforementioned methods were easy solution that could help you migrating files and documents to SharePoint with relative ease.  However, to make it very clear, those options have their certain limitations. But with a SharePoint migration tool, you can avoid those limitations.


  • While above 3 methods wouldn’t allow you retain an existing metadata, SharePoint migration tool can retain the same. If you are using any of the aforesaid options, your documents’ modified or created dates would be overwritten in SharePoint by the date when you physically move the documents. However, with a SharePoint migration tool, this wouldn’t happen.
  • Unlike One Drive for Business sync, you can move sync more than 5000 files with SharePoint migration tool.


  • Sometimes buggy
  • For above 3 processes you won’t have to invest a dime, but for SharePoint migration tool you have to put some investment.

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