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Hubsite Configuration

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       Microsoft has introduced hub site in SharePoint online & office 365 to modernize the features of SharePoint. In this article, we will acquire knowledge about creating, associating & removing a hub site in SharePoint Online.

What is SharePoint Hub site

Hub sites brings the related sites together to roll up news, events & to simplify the search with shared navigation across the sites. These sites are meant to fulfil the organisational need depending upon the projects, departments etc. available in it. When we search from a SharePoint hub site, content on the current hub site, as well as content on any associated sites, is displayed in the results. Users searching for items will only see results for which they have access to. Let’s check how to perform the operation in hub site.

How to create a Hub site

We must follow the below steps to create and associate a hub site (To make the steps understandable, refer the provided screenshot).

Basically, there are two steps

  • Registering the main Hub site
  • Associate other sites to the main hub site
  1. Registering the main Hub site
  • Sign in to the SharePoint centre. Then navigate to the SharePoint Admin Centre
  • Click on the Admin icon
  • Click on the Show all option present, then the SharePoint option will appear under the admin centre. Click on the “SharePoint” option present on the same panel
  • After following the above step, a page will be shown as below and then we have to click on Active Sites
  • A list of all site collection will be shown after clicking on the “Active sites” option. There we have to select the particular site that we want to register as a main hub site. (By clicking on the check box shown left to the collection list)
  • After clicking on the “Register as hub site”, a panel will launch, in which we have to provide the hub site name & People who can associate sites with this hub. Then Click on Save button to create the hub site.

2. Associate other sites to the main hub site

There are two ways to do it. Follow below steps to know more :


In the active site pages select the site which you want to associate with the existing hub site.

  • After clicking on Associate with a hub button a panel will open as below. We have to follow as shown in the figure. Then click on “Save” button.


We can also associate a site to the hub site from site setting.

  • Within the selected site, go to the site setting, Then click on the site information.
  • A panel will open after selecting site information option.  In which we have to select hub site name to which we want to associate the site. Then click on Save. We can also change & remove the site logo according to our preferences.

How to Remove a Hub site

After registering the hub site, the status of the hub site will be shown as Hub site. However, if we need to delete/remove the hub site, we have to unregister the site as shown below.

By Clicking on unregister as hub site a dialogue box will appear for dissociation of the hub site. Upon clicking the Ok button, the site gets removed from Hub site.

SharePoint hub site Limitation

  • There can only be a maximum 2000 (hub)s in a tenant.
  • A site can only be connected to one hub at a time.
  • A hub cannot be nested with another hub.


SharePoint hub is designed to customize the organizational unique need & dynamically organize closely related sites, bringing together similar projects, binding related assets, and presenting common activity. Thus, we have concluded that it is a modernizing approach to SharePoint sites where we can associate all related sites to access it from one location.

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