Add and Remove Custom Action Using PnP PowerShell

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In this blog article, I am going to add and remove custom action using PnP PowerShell.

Adding a custom action to the SharePoint site:

The Add-PnPCustomAction command is used to add a user custom action to a web or site collection.


This example adds a new custom action to the Site Settings and sets the Title, Name and other fields with the specified values.

  • Add-PnPCustomAction -Name ‘Item Search’ -Title ‘Item Search’ -Description ‘Adds custom action to SiteSettings’ -Group ‘SiteAdministration’ -Location ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings’ -Sequence 1000 -Url ‘’


Getting the custom action information:

The Get-PnPCustomAction command is used to return user custom action(s) of the web or current site collection.


This example returns all custom actions of the current site.

  • Get-PnPCustomAction



This example returns the custom action with the id “47eaee71-7aa2-458a-8ca8-cbd48f5e68c3”.

  • Get-PnPCustomAction -Identity 47eaee71-7aa2-458a-8ca8-cbd48f5e68c3

Removing a custom action from the SharePoint site:

The Remove-PnPCustomAction command is used to remove user custom action(s) from the current web or site collection.


This example removes the custom action with the id “47eaee71-7aa2-458a-8ca8-cbd48f5e68c3”.

  • Remove-PnPCustomAction -Identity 47eaee71-7aa2-458a-8ca8-cbd48f5e68c3


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